Nursegrown Organics Elderberry Hemp Chewables

Vermont Nurse

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Elderberry Blueberry Vegan Hemp Chewables

25mg CBD per chewable

These chewables are lovingly crafted at a small family farm in Vermont to assure you the freshest product and safest shelf life!  With the time it takes to complete full panels, and at the cornerstone of transparency, the FECO has been “full panel” lab tested, and each individual batch of chewables are then further tested for cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Full Spectrum - Whole Plant Hemp  |  Organically Grown and Processed in Vermont  |  Nurse and Herbalist Formulated

Organic Food Grade Ethanol Extraction  |  Full Panel Third Party Lab Tested  |  Clean Green Certified

Cane sugar*, corn syrup*, agar agar*, elderberries*, natural blueberry flavor*, Clean Green Certified full spectrum hemp flower extract (Cannabis sativa L.).

Certified Organic*