Our Story

Flower Moon Botanicals is on the move in New Braunfels, TX - and it’s more than a provider of all-natural, high-quality CBD products. This custom-designed, relief-inspired mobile CBD and hemp shop is a place for education and exploration around the natural healing benefits of cannabinoids for women and individuals seeking relief from life’s stressors - mind and body alike.

Inspired by the personal journeys of two single moms seeking alternatives to pharmaceuticals, founders Shelley and Maggie created Flower Moon Botanicals boutique trailer to share the benefits of their discovery, their journey - hemp for healing. Inside their unique and inviting mobile hemp shop, you’ll find top-quality CBD products sourced from local Texas hemp farmers and a community focused on educating and empowering other women to live healthier and more balanced lives with the help of CBD. 

Although a midnight kayaking sojourn inspired Flower Moon Botanicals’ name, their mission is far from mystical. There is a science behind the healing benefits of CBD, which can be explained in detail by Shelley, the duo’s certified Gangier - a.k.a., a cannabis sommelier and trusted guide for CBD usage and consumption. Every product carried by Flower Moon Botanicals is ethically manufactured, thoroughly researched, and personally tested - so you know exactly what to expect.

Flower Moon Botanicals seeks to connect and provide people with wellness and relief through the powerful benefits of hemp in an approachable, friendly, and educational setting. Stop in, ask questions, be curious. We’re here to help you ignite your wellness journey.


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